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Alison MacGregor. 17. Canada. Virgo. "The only thing more impossible than staying is leaving".

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"I remember the first time you held my hand. I don’t know if it was because of the cold or the fact I loved you but fuck, I felt the world rush through my veins."

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Anonymous asked: I've been seeing all of the asks about how people have lost their virginity, and I was just... I was recently raped, and I just wanted to know if that means I lost my virginity? Because I really wanted to save myself, but seeing as that I was raped, does that mean he took it away from me?


no, you are still 100% pure in my eyes


you wrote your name on my heart in permanent marker but only let me write on yours in pencil

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Last night we set up a bed on the third story balcony overlooking the water.. The sun woke us up but we didnt mind. // Wrightsville Beach, NC

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Me: wow i like this album
Me: i think i'll listen to it until i don't

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"I think I might always be in some kind of love with you."

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